Improving Pregnancy Outcomes through Telehealth & Emergency Transport


We are a social Enterprise dedicated to using Telehealth & emergency transport to improve pregnancy outcomes

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Professional Care
We are a team of health consultants with expertise in...
"We are dedicated to ensure that mothers get telehealth support during pregnancy & postpartum combined with transport to facilities for a wholesome pregnancy journey with healthy mother & child."
Jemimah Kariuki,
Founder & CEO
Vision, Mission & Objective

Our Purpose


That NO pregnant woman shall walk their journey alone and no mother should lose their life while giving life


To promote access to maternal and child health care by reducing 1st and 2nd delay through telemedicine and timely hospital dispatch and reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality


Establish a proper triage system through telemedicine to ensure mothers are taken to the right level of care

Who Are We?

We are a social enterprise with a dedicated team of health care professionals who are equipped to triage patients in maternal health via telecommunication, and identify levels of emergency. From the triage they are thus able to link the patient with proper transport required either cab or ambulance and take them to the required hospital. Our main mission is to provide prompt access to healthcare services for pregnant women in emergencies

Every 2 minutes a mother in Kenya dies in child birth, many others suffer pregnancy related complications. This can be prevented by women gaining quality health care at the right time and a component of that is actually reaching the hospital facility in time

We Promote access to high-quality, affordable care for women, new mothers, and newborns which will significantly reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality rates.

Our Values

Why Wheels For Life?

Available 24Hrs

We have access to a well manned call center that is operational 24hrs daily ensuring prompt access to care

Team of Professionals

Dedicated team of health consultants with expertise in Obstetrics and Gynecology

5000+ Drivers Available

We have partnered with taxi services ensuring we have a pool of over 5000 drivers nationally on stand by

80+ Ambulances Ready

We have access to a pool of more than 80 ambulances that are ready for dispatch and paid on per trip basis

Our Process

Patient calls the “1196” toll free number to talk to a Doctor

The Doctor advices the patient on how to handle the situation

The Doctor sends an Ambulance or a Cab to pick the patient

The patient is transported to the hospital

Our Expertise


  • Patient teleconsultation

Patient Education

  • Digital Patient Support and Education

Emergency Transport

  • Ambulances and cabs on stand by 24Hrs a day

Our Awards

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Our Founder Awards

Let the Numbers Speak
The Wheels for Life project was started on the 28th April 2020 to...
Total Calls
Mothers Assisted by Doctors
Total Cabs Dispatched
Emergency Ambulance Trips

Updated Statistics from 28th April 2020 to 30th November, 2021

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Receiving The WHO Director General Award

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